3 comments on “Nicolas Claux

  1. I used to follow Nico on MySpace in the early 2000s, and at the time there was a lot of information about his case on the internet. It’s interesting to note that the almost 20 years since then have seen fit to erase most of that public record. It’s very hard to find detailed information about Nico Claux online these days, and there’s not even a Wikipedia page about him. There is, however, one notable site written in broken English that claims Nico is a self-aggrandising fraud.

    Honestly, I’m inclined towards that view myself. Nico Claux gives every indication of being a liar and a fraud who has created a dark public image for himself in order to sell art and make himself seem interesting.

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  2. honestly this reads much more as a rebrand by a man looking to get some fame… the information is so weird and comes almost exclusevly from him so you can`t even tell if it was made up or not


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