Vampires in Ancient Cultures

The myth of the vampire is one of the best preserved myths of the world!
Maybe that`s why so many people still believe that vampires exist and are part of our reality…
We find references of the dead returning from the grave to hunt their families and their acquaintances to drink their blood all over the world.

§ India
§ Europe
§ America and Australia
§ Asia and Africa

There are records older than 6000 years that mention such creatures but vampiric accounts can be found all over the media even in our days.
Here are just a few of the terms used for a vampire in Europe: Krvoijac, Vukodlak, Kiderc Nadalz, Liougat, Kulkutha, Moroi, Strigoi, Murony, Streghoi, Upir, Nachzeher.

§ Impundulu
§ Loogaroo
§ Incubus and Succubus
§ Lilith
~ The Biblical Myth
~ Lilith and Cain
§ Kali
§ Sekhmet
§ Hecate
§ Baobhan Sith
§ Sundel Bolong; an Indonesian nightmare
§ Patasola – Colombian vampire legend
§ Wiedergänger
§ Leanan Sidhe