Dracula vs. Dracula

I`m referring of course to Vlad Dracula vs. Count Dracula!

§ ۞ § Vlad the Impaler § ۞ §

The first, Vlad the 3rd – prince and later ruller of Wallachia [Medieval Country, today the southern region of Romania], was known by many names during life.
Vlad TepesVlad Dracula was a nickname he had received in childhood, used in the noble courts. His father, Vlad the 2nd had in his country the name of Vlad Dracul, and by adding an “a” to this name they illustrated the relationship between the two: Vlad Dracula was the son of Vlad Dracul.
Vlad Dragula [in folklore: Dragulea] is the name present in the religious Catholic documents [ie correspondence with Pope Pius II or some letters sent to Corvinus]. Early versions of the German brochures published in early 1463 contained this name.
Vlad Tepes [Vlad the Impaler] is the name he was best known by his enemies and by peasants in his lifetime, because of his preferred method of torture – impalement!

§ ۞ § Dracula § ۞ §

The second is a fictional character. The main character in the novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, the vampire Count continues to fascinate even a century after he was invented!
The novel is renowned for both its action and for fundamental changes that were made regarding the vampire myth, because, although Dracula was not the first character that embodied an aristocratic vampire instead of a creature unable to integrate into society [in legends prior to the novel, in England it was believed that the vampire would feed and then return to the cemetery, without interacting with people], was one who remained in the spotlight until now!

The phrase that is believed to have inspired Bram Stoker when choosing the name for his main character: In Wallachia there ruled a prince called Dracula. […] Dracula had battled with the Turks and lost. He was replaced by his younger brother.

Vlad the Impaler seems to interest only a small number of enthusiasts [mostly Romanians], but Dracula is a conglomerate of beliefs [spread world wide] regarding blood sucking creatures that lurk in the shadows of night!
Dracula has become THE name to designate a vampire, but his association with the Wallachian ruler is undeniable!
Let us not forget about Castle Dracula – believed to be the place described by Stoker in his novel 😉 I leave you with an Open Invitation in case you ever want to visit the castle…
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