The legends about Vlad

There are a lot of legends about Vlad the Impaler [said “Dracula” – as westerners like to call him], confusing him with the vampire count.
Most of them derive from the stories fabricated about him during his imprisonment by Mathias Corvin, the traders from Brasov and Sibiu, his rival to the throne of Wallachia or even by the Turks [in their attempt to fade the crushing defeat they suffered in the summer of 1462].
The Romanian legends about Dracula portray him as a good ruler, fierce warrior and impartial judge. We find a total of 13 such legends:
๑۞๑ The legend of Poenari – the fortress was build by Dracula in the region of Arges [on the superior course of the mentioned river] and where the workers were none other than the families of the noblemen charged with treason.
๑۞๑ The legend of the wallachian soldier – when captured by the Turks during the war, none of the fallen warriors would give up the position of their ruler, not because they were afraid of Vlad`s revenge but because they loved their country and Dracula so much they gladly accepted to make the sacrifice.
๑۞๑ The legend of the night attack – the reason we are given is slightly different from the European versions; Vlad the Impaler wanted to take the Sultan prisoner, thus ending the war and ensuring a lasting peace.
๑۞๑ The legend of the fierce archer – in this tale Vlad and his trusted council retreat to Poenari to plan the next phase of the war but they are cornered by the Turks; he is warned of the turkish plans through a message that is shot in the council room by a skilled archer.
๑۞๑ The legend of the feast at Targoviste – when Dracula calls all the noblemen of his country to the royal court for a feast to celebrate the beginning of his reign and he kills most of them to avenge the death of his father and elder brother.
๑۞๑ The legend of the turkish messengers who get their turbans nailed to the head.
๑۞๑ The legend of the feast in the Forest of the Impaled – serving as a cover to test a possible traitor.
๑۞๑ The legend of the trader from Florence – who leaves his caravan with his goods unguarded [as it was demanded in Wallachia during the reign of Vlad Dracula] and finds that he was robed during the night. Dracula adds one gold coin when returning the funds to him.
Here we have 2 versions:
§ the honest trader that confesses there is one extra coin is allowed to leave unharmed.
§ the one that doesn`t admit the existence of the extra coin is staked.
๑۞๑ The legend of the foul trader – who refuses to repay the man who had found his gold purse.
๑۞๑ The legend of the hypocrite monk – who is invited to meal with Dracula and eats from a different plate than his.
๑۞๑ The golden cup legend – about how safe the country had gotten.
๑۞๑ The legend about the peasants wife – when a woman is punished for not taking care of her husband.
๑۞๑ The legend of the mistress – Dracula killed his mistress because she lied she was with child.
๑۞๑ The legend of the two monks – they were asked to tell Dracula what people said about him abroad; one told him the truth [that he was considered a tyrant] and was allowed to live and the second lied fearing for his life and was staked.
๑۞๑ The legend of the Fire Feast – when all the deformed, lazy, homeless and people who didn`t want to work [living on the work of others] were killed.