Because the vampiric theme is a prolific one, for both literature and movies, more and more legends surfaced about these night creatures that continue to fascinate.

§ Judas – the first vampire?
§ Lilith & Cain – vampire creation myth
§ Rose Latulippe – a dance with the Devil
§ Lamia Corinthia – ancient Greek legend [base for “The bride of Corinth” by Goethe]
§ The Tombstone of Simon Whipple – the only engraving containing the word “vampire” in R.I.
§ Nellie Vaughn – the vampire that wasn`t a vampire!
§ The legend of Eleonore von Schwarzenberg
§ The journey of the damned coffin
§ Château du Vampire… no 🙂 NOT the wine!
§ The Demidoff princess was recently labeled a “vampire” but she was the center of a Parisian urban legend since the early 1900s.
§ Another romanian-count-vampire or… was he Serbian?
§ The Shroud Eating Vampire
§ Elizabeth Bathory – the blood countess of Medieval Hungary

With the evolution of archeology and the extensive restoration projects that modern-day cities sustain, more and more skeletons presenting signs of anti-vampires rituals [magia posthuma] were uncovered all across the world.
Based on historic records or [in the lack of those] on imagination alone we can put together scenarios as to the things that occurred after the death of those individuals, but since we have no records [as we do for the cases listed at the ~Vampire Accounts~ section] the versions remain mere legends from the past.

§ The Highgate Vampire [media sensation in London from the late 1960s]
§ The Cesky Krumlow incident
§ § § The legend of Eleonore von Schwarzenberg
§ Irina Ciorobea – assumed vampire
§ Ghiulten Memedali – the supposed vampire of Medgidia
§ William MacKenzie`s Pyramid a little something to look into if you`re in Liverpool
§ The Gorbals Vampire aka “revenge of the mini Van Helsings mob”
§ Reported in 2005 in “The Guardian” – The vampire of Birmingham
§ The Croglin Grange Vampire might have been the inspiration for “Varney the vampire”
§ The Dorchester deviant burial