• † Vampire Hunter D

Comic Books – 1983 / Video – 1985 / Anime – 2000
In 2007 a manga project was initiated with the intent of animating all the novels that the original series is based on.
There even exists a video game based on Vampire Hunter D.

Story line: D is a dhampir [crossbreed between a vampire and a human] that possesses both the powers of a vampire and basic magic knowledge. He fights in a post-apocalyptic world against the vampire noblemen to reinstall peace.

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  • † Vampire Princess Miyu

OVA – 1988 [4 episodes] / Anime – 1997

Story line: Miyu is a dhampir – guardian of the humanity that fights the demons that fully gave themselves to the darkness. Throughout the adventure she is helped by Larva, her demon companion – her attacks are fire based.

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  • † Nightwalker: Midnight detective

Anime – 1988
Story line: Based on a game, the series combines elements from the vampiric, detective and horror universe. The main character, Shido, is a private detective during daylight and at night he is a vampire who protects humans from other vampires and crimes committed by the later.

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  • † Blood: The Last Vampire

Anime – 2000 / Movie – 2009

Story line: The protagonist, Saya, hunts down vampires for a secret organization while struggling to save appearances

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  • † Hellsing

Comic Books – 1997 / Anime – 2002 / OVA – 2009

Story line: The action takes place in London, and the main character – Integra Hellsing is the lider of the Hellsing organization [founded by Abraham van Hellsing] that deals with protecting the queen against vampires and other demonic creatures. Her most loyal protector is Alucard [original Dracula] – the first vampire her great grandfather overcome.

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  • † Blood+

Anime – 2005
Inspired by Blood: The last vampire

Story line: Saya infiltrated a school where she must eradicate vampires with the aid of her chevalier [Haji] and that of a special team belonging to the organization she works for. Eventhow at the beginning she is presented as being amnesiac she slowly recovers her memory and the final battle is held between her and her twin sister.

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  • † Trinity blood

Manga – 2004 / Anime – 2005
Based on the novels by Kadokawa.

Story line: The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and the characters are vampires that first appeared on Mars [they were members of a colonization mission] where people suffered mutations.

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  • † Vampire Knight

Manga – 2005 / Anime – 2008

Story line: At a private academy that has both day and night programs things are not what they seam. The night class students are vampires that try to live amongst humans at the request of Kaname [presented over the series as a king for vampires]. Yuuki and Zero start off as guardians of the day class students that try to protect them while keeping the secret of the night class students but things take an interesting turn until the end.

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  • † Castlevania (2017 – present)

Story Line: When the human wife of Dracula is burned at the stake for supposed witchcraft, Dracula unleashes demons upon Romania to exact his revenge. Trevor Belmont, an excommunicated and disgraced vampire hunter, joins forces with Sypha Belnades, a powerful magician and Speaker, and Adrian Tepes/Alucard, the dhampir son of Dracula who opposes his tactics. Even after the death of Dracula, the hunt for his lieutenants continues.

  • † Mars Red (2021)

Story Line: The tranquil lifestyle from 1920s Japan is destroyed when vampires start to randomly attack the living. The government has known about their existence for some time now, but now that these creatures start their hunt against humanity, the Japanese government creates “Code Zero,” a corps that is created to get rid of the bloodthirsty undead.

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