Vampire News

Welcome to the kinky vampire news page xD this is basically a collection of news that are considered interesting and are pertinent to the subject.
NOTE: this will not be including gossip about various actors that play vampires.

25.03.2021 ☥ Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reboot? Yey or Ney?
06.03.2021 ☥ Hellsing live-action adaptation
03.04.2021 ☥ MARS RED – something to look forward to on the anime front
18.04.2021 ☥ Van Helsing coming to an end – S5 confirmed as its last
18.04.2021 ☥ Castlevania S4 to be its last installment
23.05.2021 ☥ Vampire Academy series ordered – lets hope they don`t drop it later *fingers crossed*
01.10.2021 ☥ Midnight Mass – refreshing release; despite the enigma of the series being often described and called an angel, it is actually about VAMPIRES