Vampiric Murderers

Of course we will start with the most known vampiric killer of them all…

๑๑۩۞۩๑๑۩۞۩๑๑۩۞۩๑๑ Elizabeth Bathory ๑๑۩۞۩๑๑۩۞۩๑๑۩۞۩๑๑

Also known as “Countess Dracula” , “The Cachtice Tigress” or “The Blood Countess”, she is cloaked in mystery to this day. Many of the things presented in the article are considered by many to be pure speculation – and that is why I will list her at the ~Legends~ section also. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions on the infamous Erzsebet Bathory.
Be it because they suffered from diseases that made them want to drink the blood and sometimes consume the flesh of their victims … or simply because they considered themselves vampires and lived their life accordingly, the people that committed the atrocities about to be described [in detail in the individual articles] were easier to pin down because of the development of the media and the larger and larger use of the internet.

๑۞๑ The Lesbian Vampire Killer ๑۞๑

Tracey Wigginton was baptized by the press with this nickname because during her trial she proclaimed herself a vampire and said that she committed her murders because she craved the blood of the victim.

๑۞๑ Vesago ๑۞๑

Associated with the game Vampires:The Masquerade, Roderick Ferrell is a convicted murderer that claimed to be a 600 year old vampire and murdered the parents of his cyber girlfriend with the aid of his pregnant girlfriend and 2 other friends.

๑۞๑ Dracula ๑۞๑

Also known as “the otaku murderer”, Tsutomu Miyazaki was a japanease serial killer that sexually assaulted his victims after drinking from their blood and consuming their flesh

๑۞๑ The Vampire Witch from Odessa ๑۞๑

Diana Semenuha took the idea of “donor” in a twisted direction when she started to gather homeless children at her house and bleed them in exchange for food and bed.

๑۞๑ The Vampire of Dusseldorf ๑۞๑

Peter Kurten is – at least in my opinion, THE MOST SADISTIC of them all.

๑۞๑ The Vampire of Hanover ๑۞๑

After the war Germany was in a general state of confusion, and this killer took advantage of that to pray on young boys and men. Fritz Haarmann is by far the worst murderer Germany has ever spawn.

๑۞๑ Bela Kiss ๑۞๑

What makes this such a gruesome story is the fact that this murderer has been able to take advantage of all the shortcomings of the past century.

๑۞๑ Joshua Rudiger ๑۞๑

In 1998 Joshua slashed his way into the San Francisco history by claiming he was a 2000 year old vampire that wanted to drain all the people around him.

๑۞๑ Roy Gutfinski Jr and Deanne Jones ๑۞๑

A tale of blood letting gone too far…

๑۞๑ Stephanie Pistey ๑۞๑

Some assume that she just wanted to make a case for temporary insanity, however she`s kept to her side of the story to this day

๑۞๑ The Vampire Gigolo ๑۞๑

The trial of Shane Chartres-Abbott was cut short when he was murdered himself, however the story cannot be ignored.

๑۞๑ The Vampire Rapist ๑۞๑

The first conviction based on bite marks was that of Wayne Borden. He would viciously rape and feast on the breasts of his victims.

๑۞๑ John Brennan Crutchley ๑۞๑

He would actually drain the blood of his victims while raping them and dump the bodies in secluded areas when they died.

๑۞๑ Josephine Smith ๑۞๑

Despite not killing her victim she “earns” a spot on the list because she tried to eat his face.
§ Other Vampiric Attacks

๑۞๑ Matthew Hardman ๑۞๑

Apparently driven by the desire to become a vampire, Matt violently stabbed his elderly neighbour to death.

๑۞๑ Jan O. ๑۞๑

Initially he intended to rape, however his blood lust overcame him.

๑۞๑ Philip Onyancha ๑۞๑

The 32 year old kenyan confessed to the police in order to stop himself from killing [and drinking the blood] innocent people.

๑۞๑ Mauricio Lopez ๑۞๑

Amazingly, he killed in front of a family and left them alive – well able to recognize him and testify against him.

๑۞๑ Dmitry Luchin ๑۞๑

This truly is the date night from hell! It is unclear why he decided to murder his partner and eat parts of her while sipping on her blood.
Note: We have an update on this case -> Here <-

๑۞๑ Boris Kondrashhin ๑۞๑

In his teen years he murdered and drank blood… after being released from under the care of doctors he pretended to be one and got hired at various hospitals in his hometown

๑۞๑ Unnamed ๑۞๑

[ongoing case]
Not a lot of details have been released with respect to this case – to be updated when more info becomes available

๑۞๑ Pablo Vasquez ๑۞๑

While returning from a party, Pablo and his cousin killed a younger boy back in the 80s and drank his blood because a voice in his head told him to. He ended up being executed for the crime in 2016.

๑۞๑ Vikesh Kumar ๑۞๑

Originally suspected to be a sacraficial ritual, the truth turned out to be even greaner – 16yo Vikesh killed his little cousin because he wanted to give his school a bad name.

๑۞๑ Marina Kokhal ๑۞๑

As of October 2020, Marina and her mother are under arrest and pending trial for the murder and subsequent body mutilation of her husband

๑۞๑ James P. Riva ๑۞๑

He claimed that he had been turned into a vampire some years back and that the other vampires he was in contact with telepathically had told him that he needs to drink his grandmother`s blood in order to become stronger because that`s what vampires do.

๑۞๑ Nicolas Claux ๑۞๑

Struggled with deciding if I should include this article under the vampiric murderers section, however he did commit said crime and in his testimony to police he did admit to blood drinking and flesh consumption so I ended up adding Nico here.

Some attacks have a silverlining in the sense that the victims survive. Nevertheless we are shocked to hear of such news.
Vampire attack in Ndola